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Trail Maps:

View the entire trail in Google Maps.

Printable PDF Trail Maps for each section of the Okanagan High Rim Trail.
***Note***Each map is around 18 Megabytes. The server may throttle the download, please be patient.
***FSR = Forest Service Road

Cosens Bay to Microwave Towe​r

Microwave Tower to the Monolith

The Monolith to Vernon Creek

Vernon Creek to James Lake FSR

James Lake FSR to Goudie FSR

Goudie FSR to Mission Creek

Water Sources:

The list is not exhaustive, and the availability of water will be dependant on weather and time of year. Based on past observations, including a drought year in 2017, these are expected to be available during dry periods:
  • Mission Creek (km 0)

  • Daves Creek (km 10.5)

  • Frog Pond (km 12.5) – May be used by cattle

  • Scotty Creek (km 16.5)

  • Kelowna Creek (km 23.5)

  • Vernon Creek (km 29)

  • Hayhurst Lake (km 39.5)

  • Oyama Creek (km 42)

  • Damer Lake (km 45) – Located off the trail

Spring time conditions may see water available at the following locations:

  • Cardinal Creek (km 4)

  • Emery Creek (km 14.5) – Typically low flow

  • Rockface Creek (km 17.5)

  • South Clark Creek (km 35)

  • North Clark Creek (km 37.5)

  • Cosen’s Creek (km 52)

Camp Locations:

There are tent pads and outhouses at only 2 locations along the trail. The Grand View (km 14.5) and Damer Lake (Off the trail at km 45)

​The Okanagan High Rim Trailheads:

The trail is accessible via the many forest service roads through the area, although most are unmarked and in varying condition. The main trailheads that are the easiest for access are:

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To Download the route for your GPS, View the entire trail in Google Maps. and use the download options found by clicking the menu:

Downloadable GPS KML file for High Rim Trail.