Kelowna Creek Temporary Crossing

by | Apr 27, 2024 | Trail Maintenance

It rained, it poured, it hailed, twice! But despite all that we got a lot done on the trail to Kelowna Creek.

Alex, Brent, Bryanna, Colleen, and Normajean spend the day working on the trail.

We dropped a tree over the creek. This will give hikers a safer temporary crossing for the summer. This fall we will use the tree to create a proper bridge (like Vernon Creek bridge).  Two hikers timed it perfectly to be the first to use the new crossing.

The north approach to the creek had some sluffing trail and a couple steep turns. The trail was widened and steps added in those steep corners.

Thank you to all our volunteers. Rarely do we have to work in such rain but we accomplished so much despite the weather. We are always looking for help maintaining the trail. Please let use know if you’re interested in helping.