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Biggi – The Whole Trail

Hiking the entire High Rim Trail.

Trailman Grumpy Dan (Daniel Henhoeffer) – deadfall across the trail, Land slide reroute in Kal Park

Went in to hike up to the tower today but had a last minute change in plan. Went in at Cosens Bay and hiked south to 51KM. No major deadfall on the trail that is impassable. There is dead fall between where Upper Stone Free interacts with the HRT but is passable with...

How you feel when completing the High Rim Trail.

So today I finished my end to end HRT hike. Chopped it up into little bits over the summer but done. Many thanks to the HRT association and all those who help keep it an amazing experience. You guys ROCK!

John – Postill Rd Parking Area

Parking area on Postill Road hiking south to Kelowna Creek.9/6/2020deadfall across the trail, trail overgrown, Bridge over Kelowna Creek is out.It was a beautiful day for a hike, so we decided to take on a new (for us) leg of the High Rim Trail - walking south from...

Natalie – before Nan’s Path

Before Nan's Path and after Nan's path. There is a 3rd one in between South Clark and these pics that I didn't bother with a pic, it might have been no big deal.

Natalie – around km 27

I believe this is after the view at km 27 (that you have to go off trail to see - turning right on that road before the "horsey section" Wasn't sure this was the type of overgrown you guys want to know about or not. It's not a lot and there's a sign, but thought I...

Natalie – km 26ish

almost km 26 or so

Natalie – Kelowna Creek Canyon

Kelowna Creek Canyon ascent, heading north. Almost thought i'd need to take off my pack. I think I managed with it on, but it was hard and tricky. Really hard to do when you are climbing that sucker.

Natalie km 23

Km 23, descending into Kelowna Creek Canyon when heading north - deadfall across the trail. This has been there since August 2017 or more (2017 was my first time). I always need to take off my pack and climb under, then drag my stuff underneath. Then to get back on...
10 Essential items for hiking the High Rim Trail

10 Essential items for hiking the High Rim Trail

We spend almost every weekend on the High Rim Trail, hiking, snowshoeing and doing trail maintenance. We strongly believe that trail users need to bring the 10 essential items in addition to a saw/hatchet and a GPS. Downed trees are a regular occurrence on the HRT...

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Ongoing: Perpetual Trail Blazing

Ongoing: Perpetual Trail Blazing

There are countless variations of markers on the HRT that leads to some general confusion. The team has spent many hours reflagging the trail, and with the assistance of WALC (Walk Around Lake Country), new trail blazes have begun to appear in 2017. ...

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Complete: Vernon Creek Bridge

2017 saw record flood events in our local creeks and streams, and resulted in damage to several bridges along the High Rim Trail. The Vernon Creek bridge at Kilometre 29, known as the X, was damaged in the 2017 flooding. Temporary railings were installed...

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