Trail Reports and information submitted by High Rim Trail hikers.

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Water Management km 21.5

Alex, Colleen, Dan, and Normajean spent the day digging in the mud. Three sections at km 21.5 the water was running down the trail. We dug trenches made water breaks and moved the water off the trail. It was a muddy job but a great time to see where the water was...

Kelowna Creek Temporary Crossing

It rained, it poured, it hailed, twice! But despite all that we got a lot done on the trail to Kelowna Creek. Alex, Brent, Bryanna, Colleen, and Normajean spend the day working on the trail. We dropped a tree over the creek. This will give hikers a safer temporary...

Fixing Tread to Vernon Creek

Alex, Colleen, and Normajean spent the day on the south approach to Vernon Creek. The trail has been getting narrow and sluffing. We widened the trail tread along the whole hillside. Adding logs to hold the soil in place. One area with a couple downed logs the trail...

OHRTA AGM Announcement

Hi Members. First, thank YOU for your support through this last year. Whether you kick in through membership fees, show up to events on or off the trail, or just do a little maintenance on your own while you are out there, we appreciate you, and you help keep the...

Trail markers in Kalamalka Lake Park

Those wishing to follow the HRT through Kalamalka Lake Park will now find it easier to navigate amongst the many trails in the park. Trail markers have now been put up at most of the trail intersections throughout the park. Normajean Dec 2023 [gallery...

Starting a Reroute

Alex, Colleen, and Normajean were out starting a reroute around the muddy section at km 27. Cleared a small section, then marked half of the bypass. Still plenty more work to do. We will be looking for volunteers to help at a work party in the spring. Have a great...

High Rim Trail at Wrinkly Face

Suzanne and I (Clayton) enjoyed a short hike from Beaver Lake Rd to Wrinkly Face section of the trail.

Spring 2022 hiking / running HRT trail report

Known as julianfvicente on, this trail runner has provided a fantastic trail report for the Okanagan High Rim Trail! Complete with 100+ photos and some video! 'The trail is in decent passable shape as far as blow downs are concerned. I took a photo of...

Snowshoeing on the OHRT

Due to the elevation loss and gain along the trail, the trail is best suited to experienced snowshoers. Depending upon which area you choose to explore, there are steep climbs and tricky descents that challenge fitness levels and require careful navigation.

Biggi – The Whole Trail

Hiking the entire High Rim Trail.

John – Postill Rd Parking Area

Parking area on Postill Road hiking south to Kelowna Creek.9/6/2020deadfall across the trail, trail overgrown, Bridge over Kelowna Creek is out.It was a beautiful day for a hike, so we decided to take on a new (for us) leg of the High Rim Trail - walking south from...

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Natalie – around km 27

Natalie – around km 27

I believe this is after the view at km 27 (that you have to go off trail to see - turning right on that road before the "horsey section" Wasn't sure this was the type of overgrown you guys want to know about or not. It's not a lot and there's a sign, but thought I...

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Natalie km 23

Natalie km 23

Km 23, descending into Kelowna Creek Canyon when heading north - deadfall across the trail. This has been there since August 2017 or more (2017 was my first time). I always need to take off my pack and climb under, then drag my stuff underneath. Then to get back on...

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Natalie km 22 – Trail overgrown

Natalie km 22 – Trail overgrown

km 228/14/2020trail overgrowni think there were tons of brushing areas where colleen and alex have already been between 21 and 23, but that stuff is growing, determined to succeed. You can see the work they have done and Tyler too, but good grief, that stuff is hardy!

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