Natalie km 23

km 23, descending into kelowna creek canyon when heading north8/14/2020deadfall across the trail
This has been there since August 2017 or more (2017 was my first time). I always need to take off my pack and climb under, then drag my stuff underneath. Then to get back on the trail, there is a skinny opening between the deadfall and a tree. Real pain in the butt.

Natalie km 22

km 22 – I”m looking at the pic, is this even blocking the trail?8/14/2020deadfall across the trail
I don’t think my pic is clear at all. But we need to get the mess between 22 and 23 done anyway, so whoever does it will come across this if it is indeed an issue. In hindsight I don’t think it is. If it is: I wasn’t sure at the time if that was blocking the trail completely (trail going on the right side there) or if the trail went left. I can’t remember what I decided, but I decided correctly. When looking at it, I think left looks right. But again, after 5 days of things looking alike, it’s difficult to recall.