Okanagan High Rim Trail Association

Established in 2017 to maintain, improve and promote the High Rim Trail, from Vernon, BC to Kelowna BC


What started as the vision of a Okanagan Valley trail network by retired forester, Bruce Somner, became known as the Okanagan High Rim Trail. Several organizations were instrumental in the development and maintenance of this trail, and only in 2017, through the dedication of several enthusiasts, this organization was born.

High Rim Trail Projects

This portion of our website is dedicated to past and future projects along the trail.

Get Involved

If you would like to volunteer to assist us with ongoing work parties, or to join our oganization, please visit our Facebook Page for event details, or follow the link to the “Contact Us” portion of this website


The OHRTA funds all trail maintenance and improvement activities through the generous donations of people like you. Thank you for making all our projects a reality.

What hikers are saying.

A great trail. Choose a section and enjoy!


Kelowna BC, Canada
Vernon BC, Canada

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How you feel when completing the High Rim Trail.

So today I finished my end to end HRT hike. Chopped it up into little bits over the summer but done. Many thanks to the HRT association and all those who help keep it an amazing experience. You guys ROCK!

John – Postill Rd Parking Area

Parking area on Postill Road hiking south to Kelowna Creek.9/6/2020deadfall across the trail, trail overgrown, Bridge over Kelowna Creek is out.It was a beautiful day for a hike, so we decided to take on a new (for us) leg of the High Rim Trail - walking south from...

Natalie – before Nan’s Path

Before Nan's Path and after Nan's path. There is a 3rd one in between South Clark and these pics that I didn't bother with a pic, it might have been no big deal.8/16/2020deadfall across the trailhttps://drive.google.com/open?id=1T0xCmZz_pJbRjXbLWr2tbBI-BRIVLaGz,...